Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Why start a blog?

We are currently snowed in.  As in, there are feet of snow outside of the house making it next to impossible to open the door to even let our dog out.  It has officially been declared a 'civil emergency' in our area - highways closed, schools and businesses shut down, etc.  So what are we to do to pass the hours?

The iTV is running Julie & Julia on Netflix and looking up Hungry Girl recipes online to make for next weeks meals.  Why not combine the two to see what happens?  Alas, a new blog is born.  We will blog our creations we make both from recipes in Hungry Girl cookbooks, and our own food creations (well, mostly my sister's ;) ).

Who are we?  We are sisters - Ki (older, wiser, blah blah blah, the food creationist and cook + photographer), and Ke (younger, creative, witty, haha... baker + writer).  Hopefully this blog will be entertaining as well as helpful if you are looking for healthy, cost-conscious and low calorie meals without skimping out on flavor and fun.  We found the Hungry Girl cookbooks a few months back and have both dedicated ourselves to eating healthier - and have done so quite well so far, and are definitely going to stick with it.

We will provide pictures, recipes, and stories along the way - so sit back, relax, and bon appetit (there's a little Julie & Julia for ya)!

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