Saturday, February 5, 2011

-Banana Split Dessertini-

One night, Ki had the marvelous inspiration of this quick and easy dessert recipe, just with items we happened to have on hand.  Definitely a more calorie-conscious alternative to a regular banana split!

Simply multiply the recipe for however many people you have over if you want to use this as an entertaining option - and they can obviously be dressed up in different cocktail glasses to give them a fancy flair.

Banana Split Dessertini
1 sugar free snack pack (vanilla)
1 sheet (4 crackers) chocolate graham
1/4 cup freeze-dried banana and strawberries (we had the Gerber variety - you can find them in the baby aisle)
1 serving lite cool whip

Layer the first three ingredients in the glass, finishing the top with a dollop of cool whip.  Enjoy!

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