Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cheesy Boca Burger Wrap-Up

Mmm cheesy burgery goodness?!  Yes please!  These wraps are magnificent and are from a Hungry Girl cookbook.  As usual, we made a few modifications and I made mine without mushrooms (I've never been a fan, but Ki had them).  They are SUPER easy and will fix any burger craving you are experiencing.  These ingredients can also be kept on hand quite easily to make on a whim.

Recipe inspired by Yummilicious Veggie Burger Wrap by Hungry Girl
makes one serving
1 8" low carb tortilla (La Tortilla Factory makes a smart and delicious low carb version with 80 calories and 7 grams of fiber)
1 original boca vegan burger (70 calorie type)
2 T canned mushrooms
1 wedge light swiss laughing cow
1 T ketchup
optional: mustard and pickles

Microwave the boca burger for one minute, and then cut into bite-sized pieces.  Sautee the burger with the mushrooms in a pan.  Meanwhile, spread the laughing cow onto the tortilla.  Once the burger and mushrooms are heated through, put them on the tortilla and top with whatever topping you so choose.  Wrap it up and microwave the whole thing for 20-30 seconds, to melt the cheese and warm the tortilla.  Cut in half and eat!

For a low-cal potato chip swap, try out the new special k sea salt cracker chips - they're delicious and only 110 calories per (large) serving!

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