Sunday, March 6, 2011

Late Night Craving?

Want a recipe that will save you from that 4th meal craving?  Here is a recipe for an easy meal that will keep you satisfied, and away from that drive-thru window ;).  The recipe may seem a little time-consuming, but it only took about four minutes to get everything assembled and onto the pan, and it was extremely delicious.  Enjoy!

Crunchwrap Extreme by Hungry Girl
makes 1 serving
1 large whole-wheat tortilla (100 calories)
1/3 cup boca ground crumbles
1/2 t taco seasoning
3 baked tortilla chips
1 T salsa
1/2 cup shredded lettuce
1 fat free american cheese single

In the microwave, heat up the boca ground crumbles and taco seasoning (check after a minute and go from there).  Warm up a tortilla for about 10 seconds to make it fold better.  Put the boca in the center of the tortilla, top with the remaining ingredients.  Fold up the tortilla starting on one side and making roughly six folds to cover the filling.  Place the tortilla on a preheated skillet, sprayed with non-stick cooking spray, fold side down.  Cook until golden brown, and flip to cook the other side and finish melting the cheese.

Serve with a serving of baked tortilla chips on the side, and some additional salsa if you wish!  We used baked blue corn tortilla chips.

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